Microwulf: HPL

The following chart shows Microwulf's performance on HPL's WR00R2R4 operation with PxQ = 2x4, NB = 160, and increasing values of N:


Microwulf exceeded 20 Gflops on problems of size 10,000 and greater, and exceeded 25 Gflops on problems of size 25,000 and greater.

We tried values of N above 30,000, but these produced "out of memory" failures. The curve clearly shows the performance starting to plateau, but we think we could have eked out more flops, if we had more than 1 GB RAM per core. However, as it is, Microwulf's 8 GB of RAM consumed over 40% of our budget, so more RAM would most likely increase the price more than it would increase the performance...

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