Microwulf: Uses

Like all Beowulf clusters, Microwulf runs special parallel software -- software that is carefully written to take advantage of a cluster's parallel capabilities. Such software is usually written using the message passing interface (MPI) or the parallel virtual machine (PVM). These libraries provide primitives that processes can use to communicate and synchronize across the network. They also provide a mechanism for executing separate copies of a program (in parallel) on each of a cluster's nodes and/or cores.

There are many free applications that have been written using these libraries for Beowulf clusters. Most have been written by research scientists or engineers to solve particular problems. These include:

If you know of other free parallel (MPI or PVM) programs, please send me a link to them.

We are using Microwulf in a variety of ways, including:

For more information (or a demonstration), please contact me using the information in the link below.

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