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The Files

There are two files available. The first contains just the actual source code, while the second contains a mirror of the public_html directory. (excluding the download page ;-). The files are:

To uncompress the files, run gzip -dc cliser-1.0.1.tar.gz | tar xvf -. This will create a directory called 'cliser'.


All of the code is in the cliser/lib directory. The lib directory has two sub-directories: 'c++' and 'java', and a Makefile.

To compile the libraries, you go into the lib directory, and run 'make'. By default, it compiles the Java and C++ (BSD Sockets) library.

In the lib directory:

You are able to do some customization of the C++ compilation, by editing the cliser/lib/c++/Makefile. You may set the installation directory, the source directory (important if not from /usr/src/cliser), what types of libraries to make (static, shared), and if you want to make TLI libraries too.

The Java class files are archived (w/ 'jar'), and is installed to /usr/local/cliser/lib/java/cliser.jar To use the Cliser Java library, you must add the following to your classpath: /usr/local/cliser/lib/java/cliser.jar (Or, add the path to the .class files).

The C++ library files are installed to

For Windows usage, please refer to our Winsock example/tutorial.

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