Microwulf: Power Efficiency

Another way to measure a computer's efficiency is its power efficiency, where power is the computer's electrical power consumption. This is usually computed as the computer's power/performance ratio. This is increasingly important, as excess power consumption is inefficient, consuming unnecessary energy and generating waste heat, which can in turn decrease reliability.

We have metered Microwulf's power consumption:

Since Microwulf is only doing anything useful when it is under load, its power/performance ratio is 450 watts / 26.25 Gflops = 17.14 watts/Gflop (under load).

While most clusters publicize their performance data, Very few clusters publicize their power consumption data.

Some notable exceptions are:

Last, let's compare Microwulf with the machines on the list at Green500.org. Entries on this list are machines from the top500.org list (which unfortunately excludes Microwulf), ranked by the number megaflops they produce for each watt of power. For Microwulf's 17.14 W/Gflop, this works out to:

   1 / 17.14 W/Gflop  * 1000 Mflops/Gflop= 58.34 Mflops/W
As of August 2007, Microwulf just surpasses the #2 Green500 machine -- Mare Nostrum (58.23 Mflops/W) -- but well behind #1 BlueGene/L (112.24 Mflops/W).

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