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Current: MATH 270/271, STAT 145
Some past ones: MATH W80 (NL Dynamics), W80 (Stat Learning), W80 (Calculus on Manifolds), W81 (Modeling), 100, 110, 132, 143, 156, 161, 162, 169, 170, 171, 172, 190, 231, 232, 243, 256, 333, 335, 343, 355, 365, 391


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Teaching and Learning
Video lecture series by Dr. Stephen Chew at Samford Univ.: How to get the most out of studying
A video of a lecture given by Harvard Physics professor Eric Mazur on teaching
The Lesson of Grace in Teaching, a blog by Professor Francis Su of Harvey Mudd College

Math societies/organizations
American Mathematical Society (AMS)
Mathematical Association of America (MAA)
Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM)
Young Mathematician’s Network
The Consortium for Mathematics and its Applications (CoMAp)

Math related
Math Fun Facts, a website maintained by the Mathematics Dept. at Harvey Mudd College
Some essays by John Savard on topics like infinity | the fourth dimension | Gödel's proof and the halting problem
Make money finding the next Mersenne prime number
Mega Mathematics at Los Alamos National Labs
Network-Enabled Optimization System (NEOS)
Euclid’s Elements page
Furman University's Math Quotes Server
Math in the Movies
Math Archives
FSU’s Mathematics WWW Virtual Library
The game of life

C/C++: tutorial
Java: An online course | Java Components for Mathematics at Hobart & Smith Colleges
Web programming (general):
HTML: Primers | Style sheets
Linux: Linux Documentation Project First Guide to postscript
Mac OS X Hints
R statistical package
LaTeX: LaTeX Project | TeX Live | CTAN
MATLAB Central
OCTAVE main page | a tutorial | full documentation | OCTAVE vs. MATLAB
General: Source code at

Religious: White Horse Inn
Libraries: Hekman (direct to online catalog) | MSU | WMU | GVSU | U of M | Grand Rapids Public
The Perseus Project, offering classics at Tufts University
Oxford University's Centre for the Study of Ancient Documents
A real time satellite tracking site
Building the Digital Earth at Cornell University
The Camelot Project at the University of Rochester
The Electronic Poetry Center at SUNY-Buffalo

Books I recommend
Christian Classics Ethereal Library
A list of academic book publishers
Textbook comparison shopping at and
Find out-of-print books at, or FetchBook.Info


My CV in postscript or dvi format
Seminars/Workshops I've participated in:
STATS 99 Workshop at Hope College
Project NExT (general) and brown dots (specific to ’99 participants)

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