Interesting Datasets

The data sets that follow are all in CSV format unless otherwise noted. Some of these datasets are original and were developed for statistics classes at Calvin College. Others come from the Data and Story Library. Others come from various R packages. The textbook datasets for Mathematics 241 can be found here.

actgpa ACT scores and GPAs of a random sample of 30 Calvin Seniors, some missing scores
actgpanona Same file as above but with students with missing scores eliminated
aircondit lifetimes of 12 different airplane airconditioning units (R package boot)
ais 202 Australian elite athletes (R package alr3)
al0106 all American league teams for years 2001-2006
al2003 all American league teams for the year 2003
Allegan 57 years of daily weather data at Allegan, Michigan
anorexia pre- and post-weight of experiment on treatment of anorexia (R package MASS)
austen occurence of common words in Jane Austen's work and the two halves of Sanditon
bball2007 baseball teams in both leagues in 2007
bball9498 per game statistics on all baseball teams from 1994-1998
bball9498all complete statistics of all baseball teams from 1994-1998
bballgames03 all baseball games played in the 2003 season
Berkeley UC Berkeley Admissions data (Simpson's Paradox data)
broccoli weight of broccoli packed in boxes (R package faraway)
canus health status after heart attack care in Canada and United States
cats body weight and heart weight of cats (R package MASS)
chickwts weight of chickens fed six different diets
cigs cigarette sales and cancer rate for most states
city city growth from 1920 to 1930 (R package boot)
corrosion corrosion of iron bars (R package faraway)
counties data on all US counties, 2000 census
cpd projected and actual sales of 20 consumer products
crickets temperature and cricket chirps
csbv political view of a sample Calvin students in 2004 and 2007
CSBVpolitical same as csbv but responses coded with numbers
darts pros and darts picking stocks versus DJIA
darwin not really sure!
ddt not really sure!
deathpenalty deathpenalty by race of victim and defendant
depressed experiment in diagnosis of depression with three different conditions
diviiibasketball all NCAA Division I basketball programs
EducExp educational expense by state with test scores (1994)
eco US born population and income of states (R faraway)
evals results of student course evaluations at Calvin in a certain semester, selected questions
faithful eruption duration and waiting times for Old Faithful
families families from an administration of the Current population survey
fat body measurements and body fat indices (R package faraway)
florida by county votes in Florida 2000 Presidential election
freethrow NBA shooting records (late in 2008 season) of those taking enough shots
fruitfly data on a fruit fly experiment - not sure where from!
fruitohms sugar concentration and resistance for Kiwi fruit (R DAAG)
gessell age and Gessell IQ score
gradrat school and graduation rate for a certain year
gre gre scores of Calvin students who took GRE over a three month period in 2007
helicopter dimensions and flight times of 20 helicopters (two times for one flight)
home old and new prices of homes (don't know time period)
ironslag measurements of iron content of slag samples (R package DAAG)
kicks deaths from horse kicks in Prussian army by year and corp
kidney outcome of two different treatments for kidney stones
lakemary age in years and length of fish in Lake Mary
lifedata lifetime of something or other
luge times for men's single luge event, 2010 Olympics
m222 test and exam scores of students in a section of Mathematics 222
mammals brain weight and body weight of many mammals (R MASS)
marathon Olympic men's marathon times (2008)
March9bball scores of all division I NCAA basketball games on March 9, 2009
meadowbrook assessed valuation of all homes on a street in Grand Rapids and last selling price
mentrack track world records for men
miaa05 all men's basketball players in the 2005 MIAA season
miaaft free throw percentage of all MIAA men's basketball players, 10 or more free throws
microdrill lifetimes of something or other
mm counts of M&Ms from small bags in four big bags
mortality mortality table for men
mortalityeducation age-adjusted mortality and percentage of HS grads by state
naep state-by-state NAEP scores with demographic data
newcomb newcomb's measurement of light over a distance (true value 33.02) (R MASS)
nfl06 statistics on all NFL teams in 2006
normaltemp temperature, gender, and hear rate of some Calvin students in Psychology 151
nsse NSSE: this institution has caused me to critically evaluate ideas I have always held
Nursingsmoking several studies of treatments to get nurses to quit smoking
pairs pairs competitition scores, 2010 Olympics
pallet pallets repaired by four employees over five days
pi the first 2000 digits of pi
popularkids the popular kids data set
pump lifetimes of a certain kind of pump
raisinbran 30 simulated samples of 12 boxes of 11 ounce raisin bran
randomdot time to resolve random dot stereograms in two treatments (information or not)
read three reading treatments with a post-test score
reading same as read but with several pre- and post-test scores
roller the weight and the amount of depression created by a lawn roller (units?)
rubberbands the length that a rubber band stretches under two different treatments
runswins04 2004 baseball teams including runs and win-loss record
savings the savings dataset (R faraway)
scores time between scores in a Calvin-Kalamazoo basketball game
singer singers in the New York Choral Society (R package lattice)
singlefamilyhomeprices median single family home prices in several cities over three years
sr80 the ACT scores and GPAs of 80 Calvin seniors chosen at random (spring 2004)
srsatact all 2004 seniors who have both SAT and ACT scores as well as GPAs
strawberries strawberry discoloration for a preservative treatment
superbowl participants in the 2008 SuperBowl
survey survey of all statistics students during the Spring of 2006
television life expectancy, physicians and televisions
timetonohitter no of games since the previous no-hitter, through 2007
trees girth height and volume of 31 felled cherry trees (R)
un members of the UN and admission date
uselessdata data from several 143 classes and a 243 class
WCCInvite Women cross-country Knight Invitational (2008) finish times
wind maximum velocity at San Diego airport on 6209 consecutive days
windowstrength measurements of window strength by ksi until breaking