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The Easy, Object-Oriented Way
To Build Client-Server Systems

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Cliser is middleware that makes building a client-server system as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4:

  1. Using Cliser, specify the parameters of the system you want to build (e.g., name of service, port number, protocol, etc.); Cliser then generates object-oriented source code for the system you have specified.
  2. Add to that source code the functionality to specify the behavior of a client at its end of an interaction, and/or the behavior of a server at its end of an interaction. (Cliser cannot generator code for this, because different services require different behaviors.) This is the only non-trivial part of using Cliser.
  3. Compile (and if necessary link) the source code files to create binary executables.
  4. Deploy and run your client-server system.
Cliser is open-source freeware designed by Joel Adams, and implemented by Joel Adams and Ryan VanderBijl. Its development was supported by funding from The Council for Internation Exchange of Scholars (CIES), and the Calvin College Science Division.

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