A Christian Perspective on Computer Science

Discerning a Christian view of computer science and technology leads to many questions. The Christian faith is comprehensive, and it should inform all areas of life. But exactly how does faith influence the study of computer technology? What do bytes have to do with beliefs?

The following are some resources dealing with the topic of Christianity and Computing:



A list of other sources of information can be found here.

Talks and Interviews




Groups of Christians working in Computer Technology


See also the Christianity and Computing page at Calvin College.

Mailing Lists

There is also a mailing list hosted at Messiah College for people interested in Computer Science and Christianity. To join this mailing list, visit the CS-CHRISTIANITY mailing list page. You do not need to be a member of ACMS to join cs-christianity. About 125 folks are currently subscribed to cs-christianity. The list volume has averaged about 20 per year since the list's January 2000 inception.

We hope to add other links relating to Computer Science and Chrsitianity to this page in time.