The Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi
I am enthusiastic user of the Raspberry Pi! I have used it in a variety of settings and applications, including:

I have also written a freely-available book titled Exploring CS with the Raspberry Pi. This guide is targeted to students (or hobbyists) in computer science or electrical engineering and covers a variety of topics in computer science with hands-on examples. Practical “how-to” examples are also highlighted like kernel compilation, machine learning examples, MQTT for IoT, and using SQL databases. It also contains a brief overview of some select technical tools including Git, Gnuplot, Octave, Sage, and NGSpice.

I am grateful for the work of the Raspberry Pi foundation in providing a device that is able to open up so many possibilities for education, hobbyists, service, and research. Technology is at its best when it opens up possibilities for exploration, learning, sharing, and creativity!