The 24th Annual

Workshop in Geometric Topology

Calvin College, Grand Rapids, Michigan
June 28-30, 2007

Participants and Abstracts

This is a list of registered participants. Click on the title of a talk to to see an abstract (pdf).

Name Institution Title of Talk
Agol, Ian University of Illinois at Chicago
University of California at Berkeley
1. Survey on volumes of hyperbolic 3-manifolds
2. Finiteness of arithmetic hyperbolic reflection groups
3. Applications of Kleinian groups to 3-manifold topology
Ancel, Fredric University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee  
Atkinson, Christopher University of Illinois at Chicago Volume estimates for ideal hyperbolic polyhedra
Barrera-Rodriguez, Carlos University of California at Davis  
Bedenikovic, Tony Bradley University  
Bell, Robert Michigan State University  
Daverman, Robert University of Tennessee Conditions under which a sewing of crumpled n-cubes yields Sn
Dobrowolski, Tadeusz Pittsburg State University A Polish AR-space with no nontrivial flow
Edwards, Robert University of California at Los Angeles A colinking property of ENR's in Menger manifolds
Emert, John Ball State University  
Engbers, John University of Tennessee  
Ferdinands, John Calvin College  
Ferdinands, Timothy Calvin College  
Feys, Laura Calvin College  
Fonstad, Paul University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee  
Garity, Dennis Oregon State University  
Guilbault, Craig University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Group actions on manifolds and complexes
Halverson, Denise Brigham Young University Detecting codimension one manifold factors with the plentiful piecewise embedded disks property
Ivanšic, Dubravko Murray State University Converting side-pairings to handle-decompositions
Judge, Chris Indiana University The arithmetic of pseudo-Anosov mapping classes
Kenderes, Justin Calvin College  
Landeros, A. Jacob Oregon State University  
Louwsma, Joel California Institute of Technology  
Martinez-Pedroza, Eduardo University of Oklahoma Combination theorems for quasiconvex subgroups of relatively hyperbolic groups
Mooney, Christopher University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Examples of non-rigid CAT(0) groups from the category of knot groups
Nakamura, Kei University of California at Davis Fox re-embedding and Bing submanifolds
Pelayo, Roberto California Institute of Technology The complex of minimal genus Seifert surfaces for hyperbolic knots
Rafalski, Shawn University of Illinois at Chicago Immersed turnovers in hyperbolic 3-orbifolds
Ratcliffe, John Vanderbilt University Chordal Coxeter groups
Rolland, Jeffrey University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee  
Rubin, Leonard R. University of Oklahoma Absolute co-extensors and inverse limits
Schermetzler, Carrie University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee  
Schmurr, Jason Oregon State University  
Schroeder, Tim University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee On the Singer conjecture for Coxeter groups
Snyder, David Texas State University  
Speer, Timothy New York University  
Stob, Joel Calvin College  
Swenson, Eric Brigham Young University Constraints on the size of the Tits boundary of a CAT(0) group
Thickstun, Tom Texas State University  
Timm, Mathew Bradley University  
Tinsley, Fred The Colorado College Strategies for characterizing tame ends of manifolds
Turner, Jim Calvin College  
Vasilevska, Violeta University of South Dakota Shape msimpl orientable fibrators
Venema, Gerard Calvin College  
Wilson, Julia SUNY Fredonia  
Winters, Bobby Pittsburg State University  
Wright, David Brigham Young University